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Roof Aide™

Roof Aide™

  • Roof Aide™ - Cheltec's new generation product for long-term stain prevention without the use of Chlorine on various roof surfaces (i.e. all color of tiles, asphalt or wood-shake shingles, painted tin, etc.)
  • Cheltec’s Roof-Aide product is formulated with our proprietary ionized carrier Stabitrol™ and is different from other carriers. A “carrier” is a chemical or agent that bonds to an active ingredient particle (such as copper sulfate) to aide in keeping a “portion” of that particle active/usable in liquid solutions. Ionized means “charged” (negatively or positively). Most metals such as copper are naturally ionic (carry a charge naturally) and is why a carrier can bond to it. However, most carriers use or tie up some of the particle’s bonding charge potential by covering the particle through its chemical bonding process. This can make the particle (copper) less effective even though it is more soluble (liquid). Additionally, the particle size becomes bigger due to the attachment of the carrier to the particle. There are also acid carriers that do nothing more than make metals, such as copper, more soluble (liquid) but do nothing else regarding enhancing the copper’s bonding potential.
Roof Aide

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Five Years of Cleaning

Unlike other liquid carriers that “bond” to an active ingredient’s natural charge, Stabitrol™ is an ionizer and “holds” the copper in solution through additional ionization. Stabitrol™ acts like a “force field” that enhances the copper’s natural ion (charge) leaving the entire particle available to bond to a substrate and remain active longer. Stabitrol also breaks down these larger micron-sized metal ions into much smaller size particles. This is known as “solubility ionization.” Stabitrol provides two competitive advantages over other liquid copper or other metal products: 1) strong ionic bonding  2) greater penetration into substrates due to smaller particle size.

Stabitrol-suspended metals are the solution when optimal surface-coverage and substrate penetration is required. This greater solubility provides better overall surface coverage and deeper penetration into substrates (such as roofing tiles and shingles) due to Stabitrol’s ability to carry these ionized particles into much smaller pore sizes or openings.

Tile Roof Before
Tile Roof Two Years After
Asphalt roof Before
Asphalt roof Two Years After