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Hoof it - for the Hoofs of Farm Animals

Cheltec's hoof disease prevention line.

Call now for your "RISK-FREE" one month treatment on us today!

Cheltec has devoted years toward developing safer low pH solutions from the traditional chemicals or acids currently utilized in many industries today (including the Dairy industry). Our safer solutions retain the benefits that their harsh or dangerous counterparts currently provide but our safe Stabitrol solution has superior additional benefits that result from our technology that produces all of our safer liquids. We have formulated a number of products that are known in the national marketplace for their superior, and very importantly, their safe applications. We are now introducing our HOOF It line formulated with Stabitrol™ that was created to aid farmers with their hoof care and prevention regiment.

HOOF It foot bath products are formulated in a protonic solution of STABITROL™ that enhances a metal's natural ionization to create optimally-energized metals such as copper and zinc sulfate, deeper hoof wall penetration due to smaller metal particle size, and better efficacy with less product required over traditional products for foot baths. This means significantly fewer metals are released into the environment with HOOF It Blue, Gold, and Green foot bath line. These foot baths also out perform traditional copper or zinc sulfate granules!

Give your livestock the prevention care and protection before it's needed. HOOF It, our new line of foot baths, was developed to be easy to apply with long lasting results.

Cheltec's 1-month "RISK FREE" offer* is your introduction to our safe, effective, and easy-to-maintain footbath program for your herds overall hoof health.
Hoof It's active ingredients are essential in preventing resistance to bacteria and fungi known to cause hoof disease.
Qualified dairy requirements: Over 349 herd size, current footbath program, limited to Florida & Georgia for "Risk Free" offer only)

Hoof It Features

Cheltec Inc.'s HOOF It™ liquid product-line has a proprietary blend of highly active copper (Blue), zinc (Gold), or a combination of both copper and zinc (Green). This provides you with three options for foot bath-rotation to effectively stay ahead of bacteria and fungi resistance that can occur with continued single-product use. Not only is this a cost savings over traditional dry granules and other chemical-treatments but labor costs savings too! HOOF It™ liquid products are completely soluble products that immediately disperse throughout the foot bath without the need of pre-mixing or stirring. 

HOOF It prevention products today! (Available only through Cheltec).

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HOOF It™ Foot Bath Benefits

  • Less mineral required for superior results over traditional mineral formulations.
  • Smaller mineral particles for better hoof-surface coverage.
  • Stabitrol™ minerals are highly ionized providing superior hoof penetration
  • Stabitrol™ aides in mineral= bonding to the hoof for longer prevention performance
  • All HOOF It™ liquid products are completely soluble and remain in suspension in the foot bath water
  • All HOOF It™ products are mixed with a natural marker dye as a visual aid to ensure every hoof has been treated
  • Less expensive than dry copper or zinc sulfate crystals or powders

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