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Camp Champ

Don't let nature take it's toll, use Camp Champ odor control!

Cheltec's Retail Product line is formulated with Stabitrol™ bringing its customer superior products advantages over its competitors. Every product-batch is tested and guaranteed for quality control and optimal performance.

RV Essentials  


Camp Champ's RV Odor Control product line is a break through formulation for specific needs
within your black, and gray water
holding tanks.

  • Camp Champ Odor Abate
    is formulated with Stabitrol and remains completely soluble and stable within your black wastewater tank to instantly remove noxious odors. A 16 ounce bottle contains 32 treatments.

  • Camp Champ Super Digest 
    is a highly concentrated formulation for the "oops the solids are stuck and the tank won't drain" situations. Super Digest is the most concentrated product on the market containing 9 aggressive digesting bacteria strains with over 14 billion microbes per ounce. A 16 ounce bottle contains 16 treatments.


Easy to Use

Our highly concentrated products require minimal doses for effective treatments. Just gently squeeze the bottle to the fill line rate on the respective label and then pour the product into the appropriate recepticle and flush. Each product contains between 16 to 32 applications per bottle.

Camp Champ features and benefits

Formaldehyde free
  • fragrance free
  • instantly eliminates odor on contact
  • non harmful to tank seals and fittings
  • not temperature sensitive
  • rapidly dispersed in holding tank water
  • longer lasting treatment due to residual active in water
  • increase holding time/less frequent pumping
  • easy to use
  • eco aqua safe
  • cost effective concentrate
Champ Camp

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