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About Cheltec Inc.

Cheltec's founder, Denise De Lancy, has a love for people and environmental stewardship. Through years of research and development, Denise and her dedicated team were able to advance the technology for STABITROL™ into industrial applications and consumer products. Stabitrol's™ chemical science provides Cheltec with the ability to develop products that achieve superior results with both natural and synthetic compounds with the intended goal of reducing the chemical footprint from our waterways and agricultural to the home and recreation products. "A better tomorrow requires stewarship today" and that's Cheltec's commitment to mankind, and creation.

Our Research


From concept to customer, comprehensive laboratory analysis, field-trials, and production standards are evaluated before any product goes to the  marketplace. This process is often both timely and costly but the data and assurance of product quality and safety is a vital key to the successful development, manufacturing, and marketing of Cheltec's products and services. We possess truly unique proprietary advantages and we are committed to confirming our claims and effectively communicate the advantages of our products.


Our in-house  evaluation phases are managed in accordance with stringent testing and documentation guidelines to verify each product's advantage(s) over its competitor. The next step is a small-scale market introduction of the product for real-world responsive testing of the product's advantages. This is known as "Proof Of Concept." Once we know that our product is market-responsive through sales, our attention is then focused on the communication of important data utilizing appropriate channels (i,e, social media, website, trade-shows, conferences, and marketing materials) to broaden our customer base.

Cheltec's ultimate goal is to provide its customers with high-quality products and services that truly make a difference to them. .

Our Commitment to the Environment and You

If any product we consider developing isn't good for the environment, then it's not good for you. If it's not good for you, then it's not good for us.. That's our commitment to stewardship.

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