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Cheltec is committed to developing not only new formulations but also revitalizing existing industry-proven products, making them "new" again with our innovative technology for Stabitrol™.

Solubility Agent:

Stabitrol™ solutions can be used as solubility agents (making something more liquid) for breaking down a compound's particle size when an application requires better product penetration. Therefore, Stabitrol™ suspended metals are the solution when optimal surface coverage and substrate penetration is required. As an example, Stabitrol™ is a superior carrier for micro-nutrients over EDTAs micro nutrients. Nutrient absorption is key for plant health, vitality and yield in agriculture food crops. EDTA micro-nutrient molecules are much larger than Stabitrol's™ resulting in less nutrient absorption into the plant due to the larger molecules and inconsistent coverage.

See Images below for Illustration purposes only:


Stabitrol Coverage


EDTA Coverage


Stabitrol's™ ionization property enhances a compound's natural ionization, making that compound more efficient, and effective, especially when bonding to material substrates or plant tissue, and also when chemical conversion is important. Unlike other ionization agents or chelation agents (bonding agents that hold metals in suspension in liquids), Stabitrol™ is a low pH water-based force-field that enhances a compound's performance without bonding to it and weakening it. This benefit is a key advantage in applications for odor control, porous surface cleaning, or transitioning compounds from the surface level to a deeper layer of a substrate (such as roof tile cleaning) or plant leaf translocation (surface coverage to internal layer absorption, and then mobility within the plant).